The Most Clever Snowpeople

Well, it’s coming. Seattle’s 2019 Snowpocalypse. Are you ready? We’ve heard just today, that the local grocery and hardware stores are swamped with people preparing for this weekend’s dumping.

Snow can be a bit inconvenient, but shouldn’t we embrace it? On that note, we’ve scoured the web for our favorite snowhuman ideas- you won’t be disappointed! Here they are:

  1. Upside Down & Turned Around.
Image Source: MommyShorts

2. Technie Snow Dude.

Image Source: MommyShorts

3. Pops & Kiddo.

Image Source: MommyShorts

4. Snow Angels.

Image Source: NoBiggie

5. Glowmen.

Image Source: Imgur

5. Sunday Morning Paper.

Image Source: OMGLifestyle