Thomas Maloney

Thomas made every effort to communicate and be available for my concerns. He was knowledgeable and responded to concerns that I had in regards to selling my home. I feel very fortunate to have had him on my team! He exceeded expectations. 

Gerald C.

Best real estate agent I have ever encountered!

Larry P.

Top notch! 5 stars! I already knew Tom outside of this transaction, but had not done business with him prior. He considered my input and thoughts in staging and pricing- it was great. I would absolutely refer him out- I already do!

 Jackie M.
Thomas Maloney

Thomas Maloney



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I’ve been a licensed agent in Seattle for 15 years but have loved real estate since purchasing my first home on North Capitol Hill in 1986. After graduation from the University of Washington, 20 years in the family travel business in Madison Park honed my appreciation for the importance of customer service and scratched my itch for seeing the world. My travels have offered a perspective on just how lucky we are to call this part of the world home. I have owned and managed rentals, and at one time or another used my experience, tools and contacts to address just about every issue a homeowner might encounter. I love approaching real estate with an eye to possibilities for improvement and investment as well as creating a place to call home.

I have been involved in transactions from the San Juans to Westport and Gig Harbor to Bellingham. I have been a lifelong resident of the Madison Park area and have extensive experience on Vashon Island where my wife and I own a home. I enjoy the research aspect of our evolving Seattle market and stay abreast of market data in order to add experience and knowledge to the fire hose of real estate information offered online.

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