Kerri Adams

This is such a big deal buying a home. In the endless conversations I had with my sweetie, I would say, “It will be okay. Kerri will know what to do.” She had our back, always.

Richard H.

Excellent experience all the way around from start to finish. Kerri helped us sort through Seattle neighborhoods and was an ace with all that paperwork! Kerri is very knowledgeable of all of Seattle and its environs and will help place you in a comfortable setting.


Kerri was very knowledgeable about Seattle and all its neighborhoods. She did her homework for us. We looked at 30 – 40 homes in 4 days. Didn’t waste any time. She knew school districts, community places, restaurants, etc. Helped us with the mortgage and closing process. Would recommend her without question. A+++ !!!

Edward Thomas
Kerri Adams

Kerri Adams



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After 25 years selling real estate in Seattle I can still say I love what I do. I know this city, its neighborhoods, its schools, its restaurants, cafes, the best route to get cross town, its beaches, parks, magnificent views from sunrise to sunset, and where the most amazing flowering trees in the Spring bloom! I have a great track record and I am happy to give potential clients a referral list to contact if requested. This is a service business first and foremost and it is incredibly rewarding for me to help people in this way. If you need assistance in buying real estate or need to sell a property please call me and we will start the process… which really is meant to be fun and serious at the same time.

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