Andrew Neighbors

He is committed to finding the perfect home for you. He understands that this is the goal and not just to sell a place. We worked together in the Seattle area for over a year. Being a fast market if we saw a place we worked on viewing and deciding right away. He made the best effort to know all the things I was looking for and would remind me if it was not there. He would not let me compromise in my dream home. Paperwork was done very timely, he helped guide me in the bidding process and understood fully if I was no longer interested. We would stop and go on to the next place. We found my perfect home this past summer and I have everything I dreamed. Andrew will find you the perfect place!

Emily Z.

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2140 W Lake Sammamish Pkwy

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Andrew Neighbors

Andrew Neighbors



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Over the past decade, I have been involved in many construction projects throughout the Seattle area, both residential and commercial. I have gained many trusted clients and developed deep resources throughout the industry. Because of this, I am able to offer you expert advice on your current property as well as potential projects for future acquisitions.

I take great pride in guiding my clients through the process of buying or selling their homes, always providing them with a comprehensive understanding of local market values, delivering a high level of service, and, most importantly, being their trusted advocate. My work ethic is second to none!

My goal is to combine my work ethic, my professional expertise and his knowledge of Seattle to create a smooth home-buying or selling experience for my clients.

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